Domestic / overseas shipping agent

We will ship your valued customer's products and packages on behalf of you.

We at Hakotoyo Seikan K.K. understand that exceptional management of domestic shipping, transport selection, special handling is crucial to you and your business. Our wide range of commercial domestic shipping solutions provide secure deliveries in a cost effective timely manner. Hakotoyo Seikan K.K provides expert handling of routine shipments, periodic, on demand, and special shipments to meet our customers specific requirements.

Overseas shipping agent

Our company offers solutions for secure storage, packaging, and overseas shipping requirements. We collaborate with world renowned transport companies such as Yamato Transport, Sagawa Express, Japan Post, DHL, etc., to provide cost effective, reliable shipping solutions for our customers overseas shipping requirements.

The selection of the shipping company solution is based on the customer’s requirements. In order to provide cost effective overseas shipping we assist the customer in determining whether best solution is a charter flight or a flight service, other modes of overseas shipping. Our shipping partners have expertise in all aspects of your overseas shipping requirements so that they can effectively and efficiently meet your overseas shipping requirements.