Warehouse storage / Inventory management

We will keep a wide range from the deposit of a cardboard box to the tsubo rental, regardless of the shape of the luggage.

Hakotoyo warehousing services provide storage solutions, specializing in supporting corporate services storage requirements,
that can assist our customers to effectively maximize their office space(s), and facilities requirements. Our storage solutions include: temporary, short term or long term storage. We also provide shipping, receiving current storage inventory information and storage confirmation.

We offer storage units that are solidly designed to Japan’s warehousing requirements, in accordance with pallet unit, tsubo unit, case units for our customer’s needs. Three primary locations are deployed along the Shin-Omiya bypass and are located for expedited transport in a timely manner.
Our warehouses are secure, highly maintained, and withstood, and successfully continued customer service during the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011

Additionally, We have introduced a unique inventory management system for business offices and we are introducing software that can handle multiple industries and multiple items. We have developed it enabling our customers can check their stock or storage items current status daily and and online.